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Personnel recruitment

Choosing a good leisure time animator is not so easy as it seems. It takes a lot of time, requires employees’ involvement and it is easy to make a mistake and choose inappropriate people. STAGEMAN goes against the grain when it comes to hotels or travel agencies hiring animators. Why? Because we know a lot about it and we have an enormous data base which saves a client’s time and money!

Long-lasting experience, over 1000 employed animators, psychological knowledge and a renowned brand in academic and tourist circles – these are the assets of STAGEMAN when it comes to the  recruitment process. It is worth trusting us because our current choices have turned out to be right. We have made a lot of our animators famous and they readily talk about their careers in leisure time animation.


Elements of recruitment of our animators:

-          Advertisements on our animation web portals (40 000 monthly visits)
-          Communication with clients
-          Promotion of the client’s offer  at a Casting (+ selection of candidates)
-          Office work concerning recruitment (answering e-mails, telephones, taxes)
-          Assistance of a Stageman coordinator
-          Mentoring
-          Preparing selected CVs with people ready to work
-          Report on recruitment


Why does it pay?

-          Our recruitment process is much  cheaper than the many-months of a client’s effort
-          The best animators know us and they received training using our services
-          We lead the recruitment process in such a way that a client’s brand is remembered 
-          We will help you choose the best people, recommend and advise you
-          We will take care of the process of signing contracts
-          We will take care of recruitment of your animators thoroughly – it is the best choice!



Compared to other firms, STAGEMAN has never charged any money from candidates. We also do not charge money for “hidden services” like mentoring, participation in castings, translating documents, transfers, etc. – The STAGEMAN job offer is always, and will always be, FREE OF CHARGE!


How to comission our service:

1. Call or write to us
2. We will see if we can meet your needs
3. Order the recruitment

Contact details:
Mobile: +43 664 415 90 91

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