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Animation castings

STAGEMAN castings / auditions are meetings where up to a hundred candidates for animators meet in one place. For travel agencies, hotels and firms it is probably the only opportunity to quickly and cheaply meet seasonal workers and sign contracts with them. STAGEMAN understands the business objectives of its Clients and, thanks to our proven recruitment methods and procedures in animation management, we can help you choose the best animation personnel ever!

{img2335-zoom-left}The choice of STAGEMAN to organizes animation castings / auditions, means not only saving money but also saving time. Our coordinators have access to a huge database of trained animators and have ready procedures of advertising job offers, for communicating with candidates and also for choosing the best candidates for particular post. The role of the Client during a casting can be passive (you are just an observer and STAGEMAN coordinators take care of the whole organization of the casting / audition) or active (the Client participates in conversations and asks candidates questions).

Our professionalism, passion for working with people, knowledge and experience have been noticed by the biggest travel agencies in Europe as well as some hotel chains all over Europe. Contact us to choose great animation personnel cheaply and more quickly. Remember that we offer animators who are trained in what this wonderful, though difficult job is all about.


Dates: Saturdays and Sundays, from January to May 2013
Place: Main cities in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria
Number of candidates: 50-250 animators
Languages: English, Polish, German, Czech, Italian, Spainish 
Positions: Animator, Dancer, Instructor, Animation Chief, Manager
Duration of contracts: from several hours to whole year contracts

We provide:

- Place and infrastructure to hold a casting / audition{img2325-zoom-right}
- A proven script which makes getting to know candidates easier 
- State-of-the-art methods of recruitment (also systemic)
- Many years experience in animation reality
- Legal and psychological support while drafting contracts

Why is it worth it?

-          A casting / audition is much cheaper than recruitment, which takes many months
-          The best animators know us and underwent our training  so they will be present at a casting 
-          We will run the casting / audition in such a way that a Client’s brand will be remembered
-          We will help you choose the best animators, recommend, and advise you
-          We will take care of the process of signing contracts – even in legal terms
-          We will take care of your recruitment thoroughly – you will see that it is the best choice.



STAGEMAN has never charged any money from candidates. We also do not charge money for “hidden services” like mentoring, participation in castings / auditions, translating documents, transfers, etc. – STAGEMAN job offer is always, and will always be, FREE OF CHARGE for every candidate.

How to comission our service:
1. Call or write to us
2. We will see if we can meet your needs
3. Order the recruitment
Contact details:
Mobile: +48 604828342
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Examples of our Clients:

How to order our service:

1. Call or write to us
2. We will see if we can meet your needs
3. Order the casting



Contact details:
Mobile: +43 664 415 90 91

Examples of our Clients: