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Online course: Leisure time animation

Welcome to our online course. The incredible world of animation by STAGEMAN!

1. What is leisure-time animation all about?

Leisure time animation is a special division of tourism, dealing with the organization of people’s leisure time when on holiday. The animator is a person who plays with kids, organizes sports activities and presents evening shows for tourists.

For hotels, leisure-time animation is a great opportunity to improve marketing public relations. Guests have a better opinion of hotels with animation and a lot of these guests come back again in the future. Animation is also about improving the sale of hotel gadgets and services. This is a XXI (twenty first) century service.

2. Mini disco dances

One of the most important activities in hotel entertainment is the Mini Disco. This is a special time for kids to dance with their favourite animators. Most hotels have a Mini Disco every day in the evening. Our company teaches animators to create an awesome performance for the youngest tourists.

Mini Discos are also important for the parents because they can relax a little bit at this time while the animators look after the children. Parents will also be happy to buy a special CD with the Mini Disco music. The hotel can produce these CDs or buy them on the STAGEMAN website.

3. Face painting for leisure-time animators

Face painting is a simple and cheap opportunity to entertain kids and their parents. If you have special paints with all the safety certificates, you can just be creative and offer your guests the possibility to be Spiderman, a butterfly or a tiger.

You don’t need to be talented to do face painting – it’s simple and you can learn it at a one-day training session with STAGEMAN. Tourists will be grateful that you entertained their kids and of course everyone will want to take a picture of you with your pupils.

4. Balloon creatures for leisure-time animators

Maybe it’s hard to believe but from a balloon you can make a dog, a flower and even a snail! Yes, it’s quite simple and very popular in hotel animation. Balloon creatures are wonderful things if you want to impress children and their parents.

STAGEMAN Animators use balloons to create several animals. First you need to fill the balloon with oxygen (you will need a special pump to do this), then you start twisting and then… we have something to give to the kids. You can be sure that they will be excited.

If you would like to buy a special pump and balloons or learn the art of balloon creatures, please visit the STAGEMAN website. It is so easy to be creative!

5. Aquagym for leisure-time animators

There are always some people who don’t like aerobics, because it’s quite hard and exhausting. But we don’t know anybody who doesn’t like aquagym! You can entertain people from the pollside with dynamic music and a big smile on your face. Believe us – tourists will love it!

We teach our animators how to provide the best entertainment for swimmers and less active guests. You can use the latest music hits and your creativity to give a wonderful performance. But remember – it has to be fun, it’s not school so relax and be yourself – that’s the most important point.

If you would like to join one of the STAGEMAN animators training sessions, you will find all the information about it on our website. We have regular training sessions in Europe and Africa – you can be part of this adventure and open the door to the best job in the world!

6. Sports activities for leisure-time animators

Just over half the people who go on holiday are active. So, they like to join sports and fitness classes in hotels.  This is good news for the animation team, because you can do something nice and useful for your guests.

The most important sports in animation are: beach volleyball, waterpolo, boules, darts and mini golf. You can also play football, table tennis or tennis, pool billards, basketball and other sports. You should know all the rules of those disciplines before you start your contract.

On the other hand, the animator has to remember that refereeing can’t be too strict and serious. People are on holiday so you need to give them more entertainment than sports coaching. So be relaxed, open and friendly, even if the game has no rules. Fun is the key.

Tourists will also join your morning fitness programme (from about 10:00 till 11:00). You can offer them aerobics, aquagym, pilates, abdominal exercises, yoga or stretching. We can call it “good morning exercises” or just “holiday gymnastics”.

7. Laughter yoga for leisure-time animators

Laughter yoga is a life changing experience. These simple and funny exercises will make you laugh for sure. This activity has a benefit for the human body so you can use it in your animation programme.

Look at this group of adults who are in a circle and laughing very loudly on the beach. Isn’t it fascinating? You will see that it’s easier to laugh in groups than when you are alone.

You don’t need to have any materials or equipment, just you and the tourists. Special exercises will make you breathe deeply and will relax your mind. After the session you will feel calm and optimistic. This idea is just brilliant.

If you would like to learn how to organize a laughter yoga session or if you would like to have it in your hotel, you will find all the information on the STAGEMAN website:

8. Evening entertainment for animators

It’s not as difficult as you think to create a funny, interesting and interactive show for hotel tourists. This is all about ideas and experience which you can get from STAGEMAN training. In all-inclusive hotels, the evening show is just a must.

You can organize shows like: Miss or Mister Election, Men against Women, Couple Show or Who wants to be a Millionaire (these shows we call “guest shows” because we have tourists on the stage with the animation team). You can also perform some musicals, like “Grease” or “Mamma Mia” or prepare other dance or acrobatic shows (these we call “animation shows” – they are without any guests on the stage).

In Arabic countries you can also see a Fakir Show, an Oriental Show, a Cobra Show or Evening Bellydancing but mostly these will be performed by special groups from outside the hotel.

Each hotel should propose some kind of evening entertainment for their guests. If you would like help to organize evening entertainment in your hotel, contact the STAGEMAN Team on (

9. Training for animators by STAGEMAN

People ask us why STAGEMAN training is the best in Europe. There are many reasons but the most important is, that our courses are delivered by the best animators in Europe so they are practical, without academic theory. Secondly, we cooperate with hundreds of hotels, so we know their exact needs and we can also employ our students directly in animation teams all over the world! It is important that our team is very creative, flexible and open minded. It is all these things that make STAGEMAN the leader in leisure-time animation training.

We have training sessions in: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine and also Great Britain. Other destinations are possible on request.

The training offered by STAGEMAN provides the best opportunity to learn the necessary practical skills and start a new career. If you want to learn how to run mini disco dances, games, fun activities and shows together with everything you need to know about being an animator, then come and enjoy the most practical training in Europe, prepared by a specialist in this field.

We’ve written 6 books about animation, we’ve published more than 10 mini disco CD’s and training dvd’s, we employ hundreds of animators every year and we cooperate with the biggest travel agencies so… you can start your adventure now by visiting Welcome to the inside world of animation!

If you would like to be our partner in your country, please contact – there are many opportunities and ways to cooperate!

10. Why your hotel needs STAGEMAN animators?

There are lots of reasons to introduce animation to a hotel:

a)   animators will build a positive image of the Hotel
b)   animators can increase the percentage of people who  return to the hotel in the future
c)   animators increase consumption in the hotel restaurant or bar, thus increasing the profit from sales
d)   animators take care of children, allowing  adults to relax in the hotel and giving them the chance to participate in leisure-time activities
e)   animators take care of the atmosphere in the hotel - they are optimistic, cheerful, committed, and focused on communication
f)    animators will help gain a competitive advantage on the local market
g)   animators are the symbols of a modern hotel industry - focused on the needs of the guests and customers – helping to create a truly twenty-first century hotel
h)   animators are ahead of the trends in tourism – providing your market today with the services of tomorrow

STAGEMAN will bring highly effective services and strategies to your hotel. Our proposals are focused to meet the needs of the hotel industry, but we add something more, something you will not find anywhere else. We propose:

a) 1 to 100 leisure time animators for your hotel
b) contracts from 1 hour to a full year of cooperation
c) the preparation of an exclusive animation programme for your hotel
d) the participation of a representative of your hotel in our animator training 
e) the selection of animators for you
f) the preparation of a report on the impact of animation on your business