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Amazing Mini Disco CD

{img1764-zoom-left}STAGEMAN has published the "Amazing Mini Disco" CD! On it you will find, in one place, 20  of the most popular songs for kids played at international mini disco animation events. All the children and their parents know them! Of course, each song has a simple choreography which makes it easy for children to dance with the animators.

You will find the biggest hits on the “Amazing Mini Disco” CD, like: "Chocolate", "Hokey Cokey", "Superman", “Old McDonald” or "Veo Veo" and of course some new songs recommended by STAGEMAN. Most of the songs are in English but you may be surprised to find French, Spanish and German songs here too. It helps you and the children learn popular kids' phrases in other languages. It’s so easy to learn when you are having fun!

You will find all the choreography to the “Amazing Mini Disco” songs in our animation training video: Training for Leisure-Time Animators.

List of the songs:

1. Chocolate
2. Veo Veo
3. I am the Music man
4. Cowboy{img1766-zoom-right}
5. A Ram zam zam
6. Old MacDonald
7. Chu chu ua
8. If you're happy
9. We are kids
10. Hands up
11. Don't worry be happy
12. Un monde parfait
13. Hokey Cokey
14. Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes
15. Superman
16. Agadoo
17. Schnappi des Kleine Krokodil
18. Hey Babe
19. Animal Song
20. El Tren

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